Things to consider when getting a website

This article is aimed at users who are considering a website for the very first time.

So you have decided to finally jump on the digital band wagon and get your business visible online for thousands, or millions of potential customers to see.

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I’ll go into more detail on each of these in future posts, but for now, if you are all new to this, here are a couple of things to consider.

  1. Choosing a designer. These days you can’t swing a dead cat without… Go with someone you can build a relationship with. I guarantee you will need to contact the person in future and it’s just easier if there’s a working relationship with some coffee.
  2. Deployment can take a couple of weeks depending on your requirements.
  3. Put down your deposit so work can start.
  4. Choose a domain name close to or describing your business. It’s sometimes difficult to find something good that is still available.
  5. Registering the domain name. Your designer/developer will take care of this.
  6. Setup of your new business email. Your designer/developer will provide instructions.
  7. Website content. Provide content or pay for content creation. Will the content stay the same year on year or do you anticipate change or additions in the future?
  8. The purpose of the website? Do you need to promote services, products, do you need to blog?
  9. Ecommerce stores are expensive when done properly. As with everything else in life, don’t expect the moon and stars when you’re only paying a Fiver.
  10. A payment portal – Do you require to take payments online? Your developer can advise on a solution for this.
  11. Hosting budget. Your designer/developer will provide you with a hosting plan to suit your needs and pocket. 
  12. Added value – Don’t always look for the cheapest available option, some services include valuable ad-ons (analytics, backups, support, SEO, updates)
  13. Monthly expenses include hosting, with or without support, in which case you will need to fork out additional dough for support (this is not too uncommon in this industry). Website changes and new content additions. Domain names are renewed annually, price increases might apply.
  14. Google My Business setup – you can endeavour to do this yourself or ask your developer for a quote to set this up in conjunction with the website development.
  15. Social media accounts? Chances are you have at least a Facebook account. Ask your designer to make you a new header image.
    • Instagram – for businesses with a visually dynamic product
    • LinkedIn – a business profile overview
    • Twitter – if you’re vocal and have something to shout about
    • Pinterest – similar to Instagram
    • WhatsApp – you can even be reached on your phone from customers visiting your website. Ask your designer to build this in.
    • YouTube – if you want to make videos for the world to see.
  16. Social media avatars – usually your company logo but if yours doesn’t display properly ask your designer for help to make adjustments.
  17. Social media headers. Ask your designer to create a proper banner for each of your social accounts.
  18. Do you need additional services?
    • A logo or updated logo?
    • Business cards?
    • Brochures or flyers or banners?
    • Stationary?
    • Online advertising banners?
    • Branding packs (gazebos, pull-up & tear-drop banners).
    • Vehicle banding

If you want to give this website development some more detailed thought, I have a list of 101 website development questions which I’ll gladly email to you upon request