A Website For R599!

A while ago walked past a printing business in the mall and on the window next to the door was a poster advertising their website building service(s) for R599.00. I kid you not, 600 bucks for a website!  How on earth is that possible?  

Turns out there were a couple of things excluded…

  1. your domain name registration (.co.za).
  2. your hosting – keeping your site up and visible throughout the year.
  3. No support, security or backups.
  4. and basically everything else that makes for good website development.

In short, this is just a basic one pager site, detailing your business, like an online brochure.

Here’s the rub – there’s so much more to website design than just getting pictures and text on the web for everybody to see. Your site needs to tie into your corporate branding plan (if you have one), there’s SEO, analytics tracking, security and SSL, user experience and sometimes interface to consider, maintenance, backups, support, the list goes on.

Ask yourself: How much time and effort is this business going to put in for you at R599? That’s more or less two to three hours of work.

Still considering this? At least ask for an example and reference for a recently completed web-jobbie. Chances are you won’t get any, just a promise of a proper website at the end of the week.

In reality websites aren’t ‘cheap‘. It’s still more cost effective than employing someone full time to do sales and promotions. Plus your website works 24/7, but that’s a post for another day.

The other thing business owners can’t seem to understand is the R30 000.00 price tag for a full on e-commerce store. Look out for a post on that in the near future.

In conclusion, 6000 bucks for a proper 24/7 website is still a bargain today.